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Cool Bobs
1000+ bob haircut pictures
The bob hairstyle can be cut conservative or
spirited, long or short and often screams a sense
of personal style. Bob haircuts have a whole
language of their own. Do you want an aline or
classic sides? the back blunt, tapered, stacked,
undercut, layered, graduated or inverted? Truth
told many hair stylists have their own vision of
these words and you may be disappointed if you
rely on words alone.

Just asking for a bob is not enough... go
prepared with your photo opinions of what makes
your bob cool.

Here you will be able to look through 1000's of
hairstyle pictures and find a few to print for your
stylist. It is also a great idea to print things you
hate... a bang that is too short or a back cut up
way too high.
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